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In a time when times are tough, time is tough, and time is simply not enough we’ve got naught but to revel in the innocents birthed by the incest of our family of most wanted truths; good always prevails, love defeats all evil, and you can do any thing you put your mind to. Though our daughter hope is aged and tried rarely proven to be true we’ve still not got any choice but keep the memory of hope, in hopes of one day seeing good prevail, loves triumph over evil and your dreams and aspirations come true.

And so I say let it burn! This insidious, inconsistent, insatiable, insurgent of my hate for you. And it burns this cesspool churns with remorse, pains of failure blight of every thing trite nothings right albeit it is calming. Inefficiently inauspiciously intangibly inconspicuously irreversibly, and infallibly. Albeit I’ll bet, its an ill bet, while your far to far fetched I’ll still be set
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